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easy to move, comfortable and safe

resolving the challenges of the up and down stairs faced by more and more elderly people, vonke’s barrier-free lifting equipment brings an effective solution. our seat lifts solve the problem of having to move to a new personal space or move because you can’t use the stairs, so you can enjoy safe, reliable and convenient movement in your own home.

save space

vonk barrier-free lifting equipment can be installed in a variety of different types of houses. even complex curved stairs allow you to move safely and comfortably between the upper and lower floors. the compact design also leaves enough for other stair users. space.

comfortable and beautiful

the battery is driven to ensure that the equipment can also be used normally during power failure, ultra-quiet operation, novel and beautiful design, and cater to a variety of home interior styles; a variety of seats and rail colors are available to meet personal taste needs.

when activating the elevator, simply press the fetch or dispatch button on the remote.

convenient manual control can be placed on the left or right armrest for user convenience.

if necessary, remove the key to avoid unauthorized use.

the seat lift is equipped with a seat belt to ensure user safety.

the backup battery ensures that the seat elevator can still be used normally during a power outage.

the armrests and foot pads can be folded to minimize the space occupied by stairs and corridors.

precise installation and execution (photosurvey 3d technology).

the user does not need to manually rotate, just by continuously holding the toggle switch when reaching the top of the stairs, the electric swivel option can be activated to easily leave the seat.

suitable for users with limited knee or hip activity. flexible seats have a larger seating angle for added user comfort.

in the event of an emergency, the seat lift user can contact the family or friends via the voice connection option.


click “customization” to customize your elevator.


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