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serves as a building logistics transportation

vonk series freight elevators have adhered strict industrial design ideas in germany. they can flexibly be qualified for the goods transportation in various placesk such as factories, storage centers, supermarkets, department stores and so on with their high-strength structure, durable materials, reliable bearing capacities as well as personalized door-opening.

lift car structure- being sturdy and durable

high-strength materials and full-metal lift cars control panel have been applied to elevate the strength of lift structure; at the same time, sturdy lift car frame has been specially designed to bear various working environments, being durable.

multifolded door-opening structure- a big space for door-opening

rigorous german industrial design has been introduced to freight door structure. multifoided door-opening structure provides bigger opening width for a more effective products turnover. meanwhile, we also otter lift car selections of opposite doors to meet more personalized needs.

skid-resistance stripe-baseplate- safer

in order to protect passengers and goods in the elevators, vonk has strengthened skid-resistance stripe-baseplate in the whole car base. which can also effectively ease the shock to cars brought by goods so as to ensure the using effect of elevators

vvvf speed adjustment technology

wvf technology has been used to adjust both pressure and speed so that constant moment and smooth operation speed can improve the steadiness of elevators in order to ensure that the speed, comfort as well as leveling precision will not be affected in any case.

high-effective vector frequency converter

high-end effective vector frequency converter has been introduced from germany, as well as long-life components, built-in programmable function and convenient operation scheme to satisfy engineers' field technical requirements in order to reduce the difficulty of maintenance,moreover, it is also more affordable.

light-curtain door protection system

a light-curtain protection network has been formed at the gate of the freight elevator to make a sensitive action to anyone or anything within its control scope with a high safety performance. after the gate has been emptied, the elevator door will be closed and operated.

vonk mri freight elevator, besides durability in use, wide door opening and large loading capacity, adopt advarn permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, its design is reasonable and it doesn’ t need the machine room.the traction machine is light in weight and small in size, saving construction space, reducing energy cost and error rate, which improved the quality and functions of the freight elevator greatly.

fit easily into the building

vonk machine roornless freight elevator only needs a well without machine room. it brings about more design freedom to vast buildings.

easy and effective installation

easy installation is vital for freight transport in the elevator application. vonk machine roomtess freight elevator provides the customers with easy and effective installation plans. it ensures normal progress of the construction projects.

extensive application occasions

compared with the traditional freight elevator with machine room vonk machine roomless freight elevator has the more extensive application better suits the vertical transport field in modern societies.


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