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run smooth, comfortable ride

the vonk escalator adheres to the rigorous concept of german industrial design. with its excellent safety and intelligent technology, it is based on ergonomics and aesthetics to improve the safety and comfort of the vonk escalator and bring it to modern architecture. psychological and visual dual enjoyment, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and other places with large passenger traffic.

long life

high-strength metal structure, more thorough anti-corrosion treatment and long service life.

beautiful and elegant

a variety of patterned stainless steel front panels are available for selection and aesthetics.

low noise

large-diameter step rollers run smoothly, rise smoothly, and have lower noise.


the apron panel lighting led lamp installed on the apron board above the step can effectively create a warm ride atmosphere and remind passengers to pay attention to the safety of the ride.

the infrared sensor device located on both sides of the front and rear pedals of the entrance and exit can detect the passengers entering the area in real time, and the communication control microcomputer automatically runs the escalator (sidewalk); when all the passengers leave, the elevator will automatically stop to save energy.

the armrest light has a built-in (or side-mounted) armrest bracket, and the soft light adds a bit of aura to the running escalator (better with frosted glass).

the unique bolt-tight fixing method, instead of the bolt-and-nut locking method, prevents the main unit from being displaced due to the force of the fixing device such as the bolt being too strong. at the same time, it can also reduce the resonance caused by the truss bottom plate.

when the frequency converter is selected, the energy consumption can be effectively reduced, and the energy consumption is 60% in the case of a small number of people, and the peak current can be effectively reduced by 80%. in the case of no-load conditions, the escalator runs at a low speed and resumes normal speed operation when it detects the approach of the passenger.

it is installed in the upper and lower machine room, in the upper and lower ladder assembly and below the inclined step, and mainly heats the machine room, the main machine and the entire ladder.

the running direction and the forbidden display logo are dynamic display, simple and generous, and on the inner cover of the escalator entrance and exit, it is more conspicuous and easy to identify, ensuring passengers to ride safely and freely.

the green light is gently emitted from the meshing teeth of the adjacent steps (pedals) at the upper/lower end to remind the passengers of the entry and exit of the horizontal section to ensure safe ride.

in the variable frequency control system, when the energy-saving operation is set, after a period of time, no passengers take the elevator, and the high-speed express train is switched to the low-speed running, thereby achieving the energy-saving and power-saving effect.

the specially designed handrail roller can effectively avoid the noise caused by the use of the slider and the heat of the handrail, which greatly enhances the service life of the handrail.


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