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break the shackles of car space

vonk series of car elevators adopts highly sophisticated variable-voltage inverter control technology for precise speed control, which reduces the noise and jitter index generated by the car due to uneven force, making the car more and more safe and safe. automobile 4s shop, shangchao’s roof parking lot, maintenance workshop.

convenient through door design

open the door on both sides for easy access. the car ground safety guiding design provides safety for the car. the double-sided control panel allows the driver to operate without getting off the train, which improves the efficiency of the riding.

intelligent light curtain, invisible guardian

the elevator screen is equipped with infrared light curtain protection, and an infrared protection network intelligent induction vehicle is formed at the elevator door, which enhances the reliability of the entire elevator system and protects the safety of the vehicle in and out.

excellent performance

there is a control panel inside and outside the elevator, which is the same as the driver's parking space. the driver can operate elegantly in the car. the special display system, the arrival notice, and the driver and waiting driver in the car are safe and convenient.


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