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vonk elevator (shanghai) co. ltd is an a-grade manufacturing enterprise who focuses on various elevators based on the design ideas of german vonk products. german vonklift gmbh, a professional elevator manufacturer founded by dr.hans vonk in hesse-darmstadt in germany in the year of 1959, possesses almost one hundred of various patents and inventions, well-known for being good at solving various complex and high-challenged elevator solutions. by advanced technology and manufacturing techniques of german vonklift gmbh, vonk elevator (shanghai) co. ltd has gradually been an industry leader with an annual production of 5,000 various elevators, being able to solve different non-standard elevators.

whether it’s a villa, a modern office building or a department store or factory, vonk elevator can adapt to the specific requirements of your building and application.

  • passenger elevator
  • villa elevator
  • medical elevator
  • freight elevator
  • escalator/ sidewalk
  • other

vonk passenger elevator combines advanced safety, energy saving and quiet technology to upgrade the configuration to a new level, creating a model of vertical traffic in buildings, easily meeting the needs of hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and other places.

vonk villa elevator adopts the mature elevator technology of germany vonklift gmbh. in the aspects of traction system and control system, it ensures the stable, intelligent and efficient operation of the elevator, and utilizes remote monitoring technology and community safety management technology to ensure the comfort of the villa owner. rest assured.

vonk series medical elevators fully consider the special nature of the hospital environment, meet the needs of emergency delivery of patients, adopt humanized design, configure a complete set of cutting-edge equipment, and run smoothly and comfortably. the car is spacious and bright, not only has the ordinary passenger function, but also can accommodate the stretcher.

ve-f series freight elevators have adhered strict industrial design ideas in germany. they can flexibly be qualified for the goods transportation in various places, such as factories, storage centers, supermarkets, department stores and so on with their high-strength structure, durable materials, reliable bearing capacities as well as personalized door-opening.

vonk escalator/sidewalk series products use the cutting-edge technology in the world’s escalator field and integrate the diversified functions. they have the advantages of durability, safety, reliability, quiet operation, low carbon and environmental protection, and bring comfortable and fast transportation for passengers.

with the latest german technology, advanced processing technology and unique design concept, vonk elevator makes the elevator run stably and flexibly, and is flexible enough to carry out the transportation mission of each place. there are a wealth of elevator categories to suit your needs in different locations.

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