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safe upgrade, efficient and reliable

vonk elevator renovation team adheres to the “customer first” service awareness, relying on strong professional technology and high-quality professional transformation team, not only to provide quality maintenance services, but also to provide elevators, escalators / sidewalk upgrade services. from component renewal to complete machine replacement, we can optimize the safety, reliability, ride comfort and energy efficiency of your building’s elevator equipment.

entire elevator replacement

the whole elevator replacement of vonk elevator can usually be completed in a few working days. based on our efficient work process, you will get a brand new modern elevator in a short time. the flexible design also makes the building more beautiful and harmonious.

modular update

vonk elevator modular retrofit solution can update individual components or the entire system to suit your needs. you can choose to improve the safety and appearance of your equipment while retaining intact mechanical parts while providing a safe and comfortable ride environment.

performance upgrade

the original several single ladders are connected into the intelligent group control system, and the group control system uniformly adjusts the elevator operation; the elevator rated speed is increased, and the elevator/elevator sidewalk operation is more efficient.

component upgrade

changing or replacing elevator/evelope sidewalk system components can improve elevator reliability, energy efficiency, safety and convenience. make the appearance of the elevator and the overall style of the building more coordinated.


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