german permanent magnet host

it adopts rare earth permanent magnet material, synchronous control technology, no noise, and achieves effective energy saving. it is recognized as the ideal green drive host for energy saving and environmental protection.

1.1kw ultra low energy consumption

the use of composite frequency conversion energy-saving technology can save a lot of electricity expenses for property operation. the machine room does not need to install air conditioners to avoid environmental pollution. it is a new generation of green environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient elevators.

standby & sleep technology

when the elevator is in stand-by mode. it automatically cuts off the lighting and ventilator fan in the elevator.

frequency conversion door machine

the door machine adopts no reducer device, which has large output torque at low speed, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving.

silent guidance system

the low noise execution unit eliminates the impact of traditional ac coil contactor noise on the user.