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experienced, quick installation

vonk elevator has conducted in-depth research on the installation of elevators in buildings, and has set up an old building to install r&d department and hire well-known experts in the industry, which not only ensures the process is fast and smooth, but also reduces the impact of construction on residents and visitors. low. we can recommend the most suitable solution for you to ensure that the elevator matches the building structure and meets the user’s needs.

convenient life

with the increase of the aging population of the city and the improvement of people's quality of life, feng ke quickly installed elevators to improve the quality of life, improve work efficiency, help the renovation of old buildings, and provide convenient access to the upper and lower buildings.

increase building value

after the installation of the elevator, it is not only convenient to travel, but also enhances the value of the building. except for the installation fee of the elevator, the value-added part is still considerable, and the residents also live more securely.

adapt to local conditions

the quick-loading elevators are designed with different optimization solutions according to different installation sites. the flexible and versatile way of entering the home and the rich and beautiful decoration are available to meet the diverse needs of customers.

quick installation

the installation speed of the quick-install elevator is one of its main features. the site only needs to be segmented and hoisted. the field workers can connect the segments, which can improve the installation efficiency and reduce the disturbance level to a lower level.


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