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advanced research and development system

vonk elevator adheres to the advanced germany high-tech. it introduces the development technologies in the aviation, car industry etc into the elevator design. it strictly controls the products” design properties at the development stage so as to ensure the secure and reliable elevators.

permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

apply mature permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, which improves building utilization rate and enhances elevator’ s driving performance so as for your comfortable life.

full-computer intelligent control system

mufti-microcomputer modularized and networked control system along with high-efficiency data processing drives elevator operation system more stable, accurate and reliable.

high performance control

highly integrated control unit

variable frequency and efficient door switch system

humanized opening way

high-effective vector frequency converter

high-end effective vector frequency converter has been introduced from germany, as well as long-life components, built-in programmable function and convenient operation scheme to satisfy engineers’ field technical requirements in order to reduce the difficulty of maintenance,moreover, it is also more affordable.

vvvf speed adjustment technology

vvvf technology has been used to adjust both pressure and speed so that constant moment and smooth operation speed can improve the steadiness of elevators in order to ensure that the speed comfort as well as leveling precision will not be affected in any case.