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safety gear

when the elevator exceeds the standard limited speed, the safety gear is actuated by the speed limiter to ensure the safe stop of the elevator.

speed limiter

when the elevator speed exceeds the standard limit speed, the speed limiter action cuts off the electrical safety circuit to ensure that the elevator stops running.


the hydraulic shock absorber can absorb the abnormal impact energy of the elevator to a greater extent and protect passenger safety.

multi-disc safety brake

the traction machine adopts multi-disc safety brake. even if one of the brakes fails, the elevator can still stop reliably and make the elevator run safer.

efficient vector converter

introducing germany’s cutting-edge high-efficiency vector frequency converter with long-life components, built-in programmable functions and convenient operation schemes, meeting the on-site technical requirements of engineers, reducing maintenance difficulty and making it more economical.

light curtain door safety device

an infrared generating net is formed at the door of the elevator by using an infrared generating receiver. not only does it provide reliable safety for passengers, but it also enhances the reliability of the entire elevator system.