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core technology from germany facilitating you to running casually

vonk series passenger elevator relying on strict german mature technology, skillfully permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology, intelligent control technology and variable frequency drive technology in one door, stable and reliable operation of the elevator, bringing comfort and safety of passengers to enjoy.

ve-gl small machine room passenger elevator applies the rational construction layout. machine room is about the same as the well size. it effectively saves the occupation rate of machine room space. small machine room design grants the elevator to more easily merge with the building. it greatly reduces the restrictions of the building outline design. it reduces the building space cost what is more, it inspires infinite creativity of the building designers.

the space advantages are beyond your imaginations

machine room is only an extension of the well. it does not affect the building space design;the compact permanent magnet synchronous and geartess host presets more and more spaces for machine room. it is convenient in installation;it saves nearly half of machine room area which can be used for other purposes- therefore the buidng is endowed with more and more space values.

the area of the machine room is consistent with that of the shaft, effectively save machine room' s area

energy-efficient- the starting current of the main engine is smal, the transmission is efficient and energy saving, the cost of the elevator is decreased for daily use.simple and easy maintenance- change the traditional machine room's fixed mode, update flexibly, replace easily.

vonk machine room-less passenger elevator applies the well-developed elevator technology. under the premise of optimizing overall structural design, it keeps the constantly superior elevator quality. machine room-less design moves all of the original machine room devices into the well it fulfills a simplified installation mode of one-well style. it initiates upon an economical and practical vertical transport solution plan for modem building.

it easily merges with the building and enhances the building values

machine roorn-less design grants the building designers and developers to preset the well space in the building. it saves the space and enhances the building values.

low energy consumption and cost saving

vonk machine roomless passenger elevator is low energy consumption-based. it fully considers building space' s utilization rate and cost. using compact layout and flex iible design style and cleverly integrating all kinds of buildings. it is the first choice for modem individualized buildings.


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