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carve home quality, comfortable and private space

according to the space structure and individual requirements of the building, vonk villa elevator adopts the mature elevator technology of germany vonklift gmbh. in the aspects of traction system and control system, it ensures the stable, intelligent and efficient operation of the elevator. it is a medium and high-grade villa and hop building. customized, tailor-made for your customers’ private space, greatly improving space utilization and making life more comfortable!

220v energy-saving new appliance

220v conventional voltage, 1.1kw ultralow energy consumption, exclusive to your safety, energy-saving “new appliance”

permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine designed for villa elevators, high transmission efficiency, law energy consumption, no grease lubrication, avoids oil pollution.

advanced drive control system

vonk’s forced drive villa elevator combines elevator forced drive and digital control variable frequency speed control technology. compared with traditional traction elevators and hydraulic elevators, it saves space and is flexible and efficient.

infrared light curtain protection

the densely-intersecting infrared network, with protection height from 20mm to 1840mm, can respond sharply to any person or object entering its detection area. the reaction time is

ard device

in the event of a system failure or unexpected power failure, the device will immediately output power to the elevator so that the elevator can be leveled on the nearest floor to allow passengers to safely exit the car.

remote monitoring system

remote monitoring of the internet of things, real-time monitor and unified management of elevators to further protect user safety.

vonk’s forced drive villa elevator combines elevator forced drive anddigital control variable frequency speed control need counterweight device, simple and beautiful, takes small space, flexible and compact structure.the form of no machine-room can be realized, the requirements for headroom height and pit depth are low, and the space utilization rate of the shaft is higher.whether your home is completed or still under construction, it is easy to install the elevator.


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