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light-curtain door protection system

a light-curtain protection network has been formed at the gate of the freight elevator to make a sensitive action to anyone or anything within its control scope with a high safety performance. after the gate has been emptied, the elevator door will be closed and operated.

car and counter-weight' s full solid rail

the guide rail of vonk elevator has higher strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance, plasticity and stability, effectively preventing, coping and decomposing the uneven settlement and deformation of the foundation which will inevitably occur after long-term use of the building.

auto leveling rescue

vonk elevator is equipped with a vehicle-level wheel speed sensor as a redundant sensing device. after the power grid is cut off, it is powered by the automatic emergency leveling device and reaches the leveling position of the nearest landing to open the door, allowing passengers to safely leave the car.

digitized computer-controlled system

based on the integrated, networked and intelligent buv2.0 control system, it not only realizes the fusion of machinery and electronics, but also achieves the controllability, stability and safety of fengke elevator.