install at least two elevators for houses above 12 floors

from today, a number of new laws and regulations closely related to the lives of the people will be implemented soon. if the number of residential floors is 12 floors or above, at least two elevators must be installed; if the appliance repairman falsifies the service items, the maximum penalty is 30,000 yuan; if the doctor fails to comply with the relevant regulations when prescribing the antibacterial drugs, he will be cancelled. prescription rights.

it is reported that the “residential design code” officially implemented today requires that the total number of floors in the 12th floor and above should be no less than two elevators in each building, and one of them should be able to accommodate the stretcher. according to the new residential design code, the household toilet should not be placed directly on the upper bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room; the balcony railing must be constructed to prevent children from climbing; it is located in the lower part of the balcony, the veranda and the open stairway. public entrances and exits should be taken to prevent objects from falling and injuring people. starting today, if the appliance repair master has a phenomenon of boasting service items, etc., in addition to complaints from the industrial and commercial department, it can also seek protection based on the “administrative measures for appliance repair service industry” reviewed and approved by the ministry of commerce. according to the “administrative measures for appliance repair service industry”, it is clearly stipulated that the appliance repair practitioners should have the professional and technical qualifications to engage in the corresponding maintenance activities. appliance repair operators and employees shall not “falsely list, exaggerate, or falsify maintenance service items or contents”, and may not “use the appliance manufacturer’s trademark or special maintenance mark”, and maintenance personnel need to “hold the certificate to work”, etc., in violation of the above provisions. serious circumstances will be imposed a fine of less than 30,000 yuan. the “administrative measures for the clinical application of antimicrobial drugs”, which is called “the most severe anti-order in history”, was also officially implemented. the “administrative measures for the clinical application of antimicrobial drugs” classifies antibacterial drugs into three levels: unrestricted use level, restricted use level and special use level. after the implementation of the “administrative measures for the clinical application of antimicrobial drugs”, the use of antibacterial drugs for special use grades is strictly controlled. special use-level antibacterial drugs should not be used in outpatient clinics. clinical application of special-purpose antibacterial drugs should strictly control the use of drug indications. after consultation with the professional technicians designated by the antibacterial drug management working group, the doctors with the corresponding prescription rights will prescribe. according to the regulations, the health administrative department shall incorporate the clinical application of antibacterial drugs in medical institutions into the evaluation index system of medical institutions. for physicians who fail to prescribe antibiotics according to regulations and cause serious consequences, medical institutions shall cancel their prescription rights. after the doctor’s prescription right is cancelled, the prescription right may not be restored within 6 months.